About the school

In our school we provide quality secondary education, the necessary basis for successful professional and life realization of the students.

Classes are conducted by qualified staff with extensive experience that encourages ambition and talents of our children. Attractive and quality teaching ensures competitive preparation of our students.

If you want your child to be trained by professionals, to study in a friendly and relaxed environment, to develop according to his strengths, you are welcome.

Goals we set are:

  • Peace and security for the children ;
  • High level of education ;
  • Modern learning and thinking ;
  • Maintaining high standards in education ;
  • Development of communication skills and abilities ;
  • Continuous improvement of our teaching staff ;
  • Participation in various projects .

Our mission

Our mission is to create such conditions to meet the educational needs of each student "with quality meeting his needs and in order to his complete realization in the higher educational level. "
For us it is important that people in school to feel confident in their abilities.

We hold a respectful and trusting relationship to students and each other. It is therefore necessary tolerance and readiness for an open conversation.
Prerequisite for the success of students in the school are qualified teachers who use technologies and methods which place students in an active position.
No less a prerequisite for the successful realization of students in postsecondary education is their eagerness to work for their development.

We have the confidence that we are a team in which everyone is clearly aware that together we can do more. We strive the important decisions are taken by consensus, taking into account all points of view. Being a school that hovers spirit of tolerance, mutual respect and trust to all.

We strive to provide a school with good interior in which has a discipline and people feel safe and happy. Work for a school that provides competitiveness of students.