Purpose, principles, mission

The main goal of Touch Downs 4 Life Mid School is to give children significant knowledge, to awaken their desire for creative self-expression, to discover and encourage their natural talents without taking away their childhood, joy and unique view of the world. With kindness, love and rigor we seek to affirm their confidence to adults and teachers to build their faith in enduring life and human values.

We maintain high standards in all educational, cultural and sporting activities while stimulating the joy of learning and observance of discipline as an important condition for achieving high results. Instill in his students faith in the abilities of each person. Build an understanding and desire to comply with ethical norms.

The basic principles and values that guide Touch Downs 4 Life Mid School are:

• Close interaction between parents, teachers and students
• Desire, diligence and self-discipline in everything we do
• Academic rigor
• curiosity, critical thinking and responsibility
• Honesty and trust in relations between us
• Initiative, creativity and endurance in the way of personal growth
• Loyalty, support and promote self-expression bright
• Tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their differences.

Our Teachers have high professional qualification and teaching experience, apply modern methods of education, sense of responsibility and high standards in valuation reflected in class electronic diaries.

The school is in a separate building with classrooms and an extensive park space. It features well-appointed rooms, a computer room, a rich library, gym and private kitchen. There are full-time medical and security guard, at least triple times in day cleaning services. There is also transportation.

• affinity program allows for the exercise of various sports such as swimming, karate, table tennis and tennis, basketball, football, gymnastics, skiing. Also includes clubs applied art, painting, dance and vocal group. Organized annually green and white schools during the holidays - camps and treks.