Touch Downs 4 Life Mid School education system

The Touch Downs 4 Life Mid School education system emphasizes children:

• To have the opportunity to learn from experience and make mistakes and not be afraid of them;
• To increase personal, social and financial independence;
• To empower children to take responsibility for their own behavior;
• To stimulate the expression of a sense of concern for others;
• be able to make a contribution to everyday life in the home or social group.

How we do that?

• Individual approach to every child and parent;
• Innovative techniques work, such as "online classroom" in each class, combined with the traditional practice;
• Clear criteria for the placement and design of evaluation and monitoring;
• Executive tests at the end of each period;
• Encouraging outstanding students and individual work with them;
• Individual work on problem areas;
• Implement cross-curricular through practical examples;
• External evaluation of the work of students and teachers
• Work on projects - individually and in teams;
• Stimulate the talents of students through workshops on arts and sports;
• Enhanced connection triad: student - parent-teacher;
• Program "How Green Am I?";
• Use of electronic forms of communication and control, electronic diary, e curve of the results of each student;
• Confidentiality of contacts and relationships.
Touch Downs 4 Life Mid School uphold public cause in whose center stand smart, well-educated and capable children the future of United Kingdom.

Our students learn for the joy knowledge, not for worship assessments, diplomas and certificates. The diploma is a document, knowledge is a tool for work and a guarantee of proving yourself.

Our students learn to become integrated, socially mature and responsible individuals.

Our students learn to be able to deal with the real challenges of life.

Our students learn to properly navigate in the world to independently choose their career path.

Our students learn to communicate, develop emotionally and intellectually through the support of the community.